TikTok News Publisher Policies - Partner Eligibility

Our community expects verified news content on our platform to be authentic and fact-based. Any false, deceptive, or manipulative content uploaded by official news accounts endangers our trust-based community. News organizations must meet the following criteria to qualify as an official news partner (please note that the news partner program is currently only available in select markets) :
•  The news organization must abide by our Community Guidelines.
•  The news organization must be primarily dedicated to publishing news content that aims to inform and/or educate.
•  The news organization must not be primarily dedicated to advocating for or against a single social issue or political outcome.
•  The news organization must be at least one of the following:
    ༚  Legally licensed or certified as an official newspaper, broadcaster or online media company (specific requirements may vary based on local regulations).
    ༚  Accredited by an intergovernmental organization.
    ༚  Accredited by a national or international regulator or press organization.
•  The news organization must own an official website domain that displays citation, authorship and timestamp details.
•  The news organization must not primarily publish user-generated or citizen journalism.
•  The news organization must publish and have a history of publishing content that is original and not plagiarised.
•  The news organization must not publish any advertising on TikTok that has not been approved by our platform's commercial business channels, including but not limited to, TikTok Business Account and TikTok Ads Manager, or any sponsored content that does not include a clear indicator.
•  The news organization must not publish any content sponsored by a political individual, party, or organization.

News aggregators must meet the following additional criteria:
•  The news aggregator must only upload reproduced content that it has rights to or from a news publisher that it has signed a partnership agreement with.
•  The news aggregator must have a set of community guidelines or equivalent content policy, with which it assesses newsworthy sources to display.

Please note that the following parties and/or entities do not qualify for partnership:
•  Blogs
•  Individual journalists, regardless of whether or not they are licensed or contracted by a certified news organization
•  Multi-channel networks
•  Government ministries and departments

We periodically review news partner accounts to ensure that they abide by our Community Guidelines and above eligibility criteria. In the event that we find an official news partner no longer abides by our guidelines, we reserve the right to temporarily or permanently offboard them from our news partner program.