Branded Content On TikTok

Branded Content

Branded content on TikTok is defined as content that promotes goods or services where you will receive (or have already received) something of value from a third party, such as a brand, in exchange for your post, or which you might otherwise need to disclose in accordance with your local laws or regulations. It could be a brand endorsement, partnership, or another kind of promotion for a product or service.

Branded Content Toggle

The Branded content toggle helps you communicate clearly when a commercial relationship exists between you and a business.

You must enable the Branded content toggle when posting Branded content on TikTok. When you enable the toggle, it adds a disclosure (for example, #Ad) to the description of your video. If you include disclosure to your video description (for example, #Ad or #Sponsored), we will automatically enable the Branded content toggle if it is available for you. The Branded content toggle is currently only available for accounts with over 10k followers. Even if you don't have access to the toggle, you are still expected to disclose where you are posting branded content in a way that's clear to your followers.

Only use the Branded content toggle for content that meets our Branded Content Policy. Branded content will be reviewed by our moderation team to ensure compliance. Branded content posted without the toggle or proper disclosure may not be eligible for the "For You" feed.

To turn on the Branded Content Toggle:
1. Tap More options on the Post screen, then tap Branded content
2. Turn the toggle On

Link a TikTok Creator Marketplace Campaign

If your brand or advertising partner has asked you to link your Branded content video to a campaign, either 1) enter campaign details or 2) enter a campaign code (provided by brand/advertiser).

Branded Content Toggle for TikTok Creator Marketplace Creators

If you're already enrolled in the TikTok Creator Marketplace, our official platform for brand and creator collaborations, you can link your video to your TTCM campaign to share post analytics with your brand partner.

Link Your Branded Content Video to a TTCM Campaign

1. Click on the Branded content tab and turn the toggle on
2. Click Link Campaign and locate the TTCM campaign that corresponds with the video you are posting

Adding a TTCM Campaign Code

1. Click on the Branded content tab and turn the toggle on
2. Click Link Campaign and then click Add campaign code tab at the bottom of the your screen
3. Enter the campaign code provided by your brand partner

By adding a campaign code, you agree to share the video reporting metrics with the advertiser.

Music Licensing for Branded Content

Branded content must only contain music from the Commercial Music library. If you (or your brand / advertising partner) have obtained the necessary music licensing rights to use music which is not available in the Commercial music library then you must upload your Branded content video via the normal TikTok video upload flow (not through the TikTok Creator Marketplace) and confirm you have obtained the necessary rights to use that music.

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