Send a Gift during a LIVE on TikTok

You can send a Gift during a TikTok LIVE to react and show your appreciation for the creator's content in real-time.

To send a Gift, you'll need to purchase Coins. When you send a Gift, the value in Coins of this Gift will be deducted from your account balance.

•  You must be 18 years old or older (or adhere to the local age requirement) to purchase and use Coins which will allow you to send Gifts.
•  Gifts are available only in select countries.
•  Gifts can't be sent to LIVE videos from Government, Politician, and Political Party Accounts, and other public interest accounts. These accounts also can't send Gifts to LIVE videos.
•  Sending Gifts is subject to our virtual items policies.

How to send a Gift during a LIVE

1. During a LIVE, tap the Gift button at the bottom.
2. Choose the Gift you'd like to send.
3. If you need to recharge your Coins, tap Recharge and follow the instructions provided to complete payment.
4. Below the Gift, tap Send.

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