TikTok LIVE Replay

Access your LIVE video recordings

After ending your LIVE, the recording will be available in Settings and privacy > LIVE Replay. You can then choose to replay your LIVE, download it to your device, or delete it.

Download a LIVE Replay

To download a LIVE to your device:

1. Go to Settings and privacy > LIVE Replay
2. Tap Download

Delete a LIVE Replay

To delete a LIVE recording:

1. Go to Settings and privacy > LIVE Replay
2. Tap the trash icon

How LIVE Replays are saved on TikTok

We keep LIVE recordings to make LIVE Replays available for download; improve, promote, and develop the platform; personalize the content you receive; and prevent, and respond to, potentially harmful content on the platform in accordance with our Community Guidelines. For more information, see our Privacy Policy.

How long your LIVE Replays are available

LIVE Replays are available for 90 days and can be deleted from LIVE Replay at any time.

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