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About comments on TikTok LIVE  •  How to manage comments on TikTok LIVE  •  How to approve or hide comments on TikTok LIVE

About comments on TikTok LIVE

As a host on TikTok LIVE, you can control if viewers can comment during a LIVE video and filter or limit comments.

If you host on TikTok LIVE, you can:
•  Turn comments on or off.
•  Filter unkind or community-flagged comments.
•  Review community-flagged comments during a LIVE video, which you or your moderators can approve or permanently hide.
•  Send an automated message in the LIVE chat to inform viewers that you've chosen to filter comments.
•  Mute comments for a specified amount of time.
•  Block comments that contain your chosen keywords or phrases.

As a viewer on TikTok LIVE:
•  Filtered comments, such as unkind or community-flagged comments, comments that contain keywords that are blocked by the host, and comments that are muted or blocked by the host or moderators won't be displayed to you during a LIVE video.
•  Comments won't be displayed to you if the host has turned off LIVE comments.
•  If you see a comment that you believe violates our Community Guidelines, you can report it to us.
•  If you post comments that are reported by others and violate our Community Guidelines, we may suspend your account's ability to complete some actions on TikTok, including the ability to post LIVE comments (typically between 24 and 48 hours). Learn more about what happens to your TikTok account if your content is flagged or reported.

A few things to know about community-flagged comments:
•  Community-flagged comments on TikTok are comments that the TikTok community previously blocked, muted, or reported for being unkind, spammy, or offensive.
•  If you choose to filter community-flagged comments, then these comments won't be visible to viewers during a LIVE video and they'll appear grayed out or faded to TikTok LIVE hosts and moderators.

How to manage comments on TikTok LIVE

To manage comments on TikTok LIVE:
1. Before or during a LIVE video, tap Settings on the side.
2. Tap Comments, then choose your preference for the following settings:
   ༚  Allow comments: Turn comments on or off for viewers during a LIVE.
   ༚  Filter comments: Turn this on to filter unkind comments and community-flagged comments which are comments that other users have previously blocked, muted, or reported for being spammy, or offensive. Filtered comments won't be displayed to viewers and they'll appear grayed out or faded to hosts and moderators. You can also choose to review filtered comments during LIVE and let viewers know you've turned on comment filters. This setting is turned off by default.
   ༚  Mute duration: Select to mute comments. You can choose to mute comments for the entire duration of LIVE or for a selected amount of time.
   ༚  Block keywords: Set up keywords or phrases you want to block and hide from LIVE. You can add up to 200 keywords or phrases. Comments that contain blocked keywords won't be displayed to anyone during LIVE.
Note: Your comment settings will be saved for any subsequent LIVE videos.

How to approve or hide comments on TikTok LIVE

If you choose to filter and review community-flagged comments during LIVE, you and your LIVE moderators will have the ability to approve comments or keep them hidden from viewers.

To manage filtered comments:
1. During LIVE, tap the filter button next to the comment.
2. Choose to approve or keep the comment filtered.
1. Press and hold on the filtered comment.
2. Tap Allow comment to approve or Cancel to keep the comment hidden from viewers.

Note: You'll also have the option to mute, block, or report the account.

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