Requirements to cashing out virtual gifts:

1. Currently, TikTok only supports cashing out virtual gifts via bank account and PayPal. Before confirming your order, please make sure all information required is accurate, complete, and updated (TikTok will not be held responsible for any loss as a result of inaccurate or incomplete information).

2. The cashing out can be applied only when the gift balance reaches certain thresholds. Each user can cash out a maximum $1,000 per calendar day.

3. Applying for a cash-out indicates that you agree with our Terms of Service.


Will there be any fee for cashing out?
TikTok does not charge any fee for processing cash-out requests. However, PayPal and the banks may charge fees for processing withdrawal requests or any follow-up requests. Please refer to the related policies of PayPal or your corresponding bank.

How long will it take to receive my cash-out?
Each application will be reviewed by our team for security reasons and processed by PayPal or the bank within 15 calendar days. However, your funds may get placed on hold for a longer period (at the discretion of PayPal or the bank) due to screening and processing requirements. We might inform you via in-app notification as well if your transaction failed.

To troubleshoot any issues with virtual items in app:

1. Go to Me .
2. Tap ... to open your settings.
3. Tap Report a Problem > LIVE/Payment/Rewards > Payment and Rewards.
4. Choose the topic that best describes your current issue with virtual items.
5. Follow the steps in the app to resolve your issue.