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About connecting to third-party apps with TikTok

You can use your TikTok account information with some third-party applications (apps) to make it easier to share your content. You can do things like use your TikTok information to log into a third-party app for a quick and secure login or connect to apps so you can more seamlessly bring in original sounds and music.

Third-party apps are apps or websites that aren't built or owned by TikTok. They can include things like music, dating, or shopping apps. A few things to remember when you use TikTok to log into a third-party app:
•  That app will have access to some of your TikTok account information.
   ༚  For example, we share some account information like your profile picture and display name so you can use TikTok to log into a third-party app.
   ༚  You can see what information the third-party app will need to access before you agree, so you can decide not to connect to the app. You can also opt out of some information, like sharing your videos.
•  You can review what apps you've connected to and remove their access in your TikTok settings.

A few restrictions for connecting to a third-party app:
•  TikTok must be available in your country.
•  You must meet the age requirements for your country.
Note: To better protect your online experience, you should avoid linking your TikTok account with unknown third-party apps. You should also review your connected apps regularly and remove any apps that you no longer use.

Connect to a third-party app

If you connect your TikTok account to a third-party app, you'll see TikTok as an option on their login screen. If you'd like to use your TikTok information to login or connect to the app:
1. When logging into the app or website, select the TikTok button (it will typically say Continue with TikTok or Login with TikTok).
2. You'll be taken to either the TikTok app or website. If you're not logged into TikTok, you'll be asked to sign in.
3. You'll see the information that you'll be sharing with the third-party app. If you'd like to review the information, select Edit Access.
   ༚  Some information is required and you can't opt out. You'll see Required next to this information.
   ༚  If you can opt out, you'll see a toggle icon. Tap or click the toggle to turn off or on.
4. Tap or click Authorize. You can also select Cancel if you don't want to connect your TikTok account.

Information a third-party app can request access to

When you choose to connect TikTok to a third-party app, the app will ask you for access to some of your information. Keep in mind, before you agree to use TikTok to log into another app, you'll see the information that the app is requesting access to. This can include your:
•  Profile picture (also known as your avatar). Third-party apps can view your TikTok profile picture and could use it for things like your profile picture on their app or website.
•  Display name. Third-party apps can view your name on TikTok and could use it for things like your profile on their app or website. They don't have access to your username. (Your username is your @nickname other TikTok users can use to tag or find you).
Note: To log into a third-party app, TikTok will supply the app with a unique identifier that's associated with your account. Unique identifiers help TikTok and third-party apps confirm or verify who you are across apps.

Some apps may also ask if you'd like to give access to your public TikTok videos. This means third-party apps can view your public TikTok videos and can allow you to post your videos on their app or website. A few things to know:
•  You don't have to give access to your public videos to connect to a third-party app.
•  You can opt out of sharing your videos when you're signing up with the app. You can also remove the app's access in your TikTok security and login settings.
•  Your TikTok video will have the TikTok watermark when you post it on another app or website.
Note: We don't share your TikTok password with any third-party apps. Also remember to review the app's terms and conditions and privacy policies before you give them permission to connect to your TikTok account.

View and remove connected third-party apps

You can review what third-party apps you've connected to with TikTok and remove those apps in your settings. You should review apps that you've connected to regularly and remove any that you no longer use.

To view and remove a connected third-party app's permissions:
1. Tap Profile in the bottom right.
2. Tap the 3-line icon in the top right to get to your settings.
3. Tap Security and login.
4. Tap Manage app permissions.
5. Tap the app you'd like to review.

From here, you can:
   ༚  View what the app has permissions to (example: Read your profile info).
   ༚  Tap Remove access to remove the app.

Report a third-party app or service

If you feel uncomfortable with a connected app or would like to change what the app can access, you can remove the app. If you believe your data is being misused by the app (example: creating spam), please contact us at
Because TikTok doesn't own or operate third-party apps, if there's an issue that you need to troubleshoot, please reach out to the app's developers.

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