Avoid fraudulent message attacks on TikTok

Fraudulent messages, sometimes referred to as phishing, is a common method attackers use to trick others into giving up their personal information such as passwords, credit card numbers, social security, or other sensitive data. Fraudulent messages can be through an email, SMS (text message), in-app message, or messaging apps.

What to do if you think you've received a fraudulent message

TikTok will never contact you asking for your account details or verification qualification. But it's important to remember that scammers may try to trick you into sharing your personal information, usually by email or through an in-app message.
•  If you receive an email or message that looks strange or asks for your account information, don't open it and report it to us right away. Remember, any legitimate message from TikTok won't ask you for account details, such as your password.
•  If you find videos on TikTok that you think might be spam or phishing, please report them. Learn how to report a video.
•  Don't open any suspicious links. Always verify any links sent to you through an email or private message before opening them.
•  Never trust any third-party websites that promise to give away free likes, fans, crowns, Coins, or other incentives as they may be able to take your login info.

What to do if you think your account has been compromised

If you believe that your account has been compromised, you should report it to us right away. You can also take a few steps to better secure your account:

Change your password
• If you think your account may have been compromised, change your password as soon as possible. Choose a password that’s memorable for you but difficult for others to guess.
•  Learn how to reset your TikTok password.

Turn on 2-step verification
•  2-step verification adds an extra layer of security to your account in case your password is compromised. It also helps protect your account from unrecognized and unauthorized devices or third party applications.
•  Learn how to turn on 2-step verification.

Check devices where you're logged in
•  You can view phones and other mobile devices that are currently using or have recently accessed your TikTok account.
•  Learn how to access Your devices from your settings.

Check your security alerts
• Our teams monitor for suspicious or unauthorized activity. You can keep track of recent unusual security events that you don't recognize.
• To review your alerts, go to your TikTok app settings, tap Security and login, then tap Security alerts.

To learn more about privacy and security on TikTok, visit our Safety Center.

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