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What is Restricted Mode on TikTok?  •  How to manage Restricted Mode  •  How does Restricted Mode work?  •  What types of content aren't available under Restricted Mode?

What is Restricted Mode on TikTok?

Restricted Mode limits exposure to content that may not be suitable for everyone, for example, because it contains mature or complex themes. Some features will be unavailable in Restricted Mode, such as the Following feed and gifting on LIVE. Parents and guardians can also turn on Restricted Mode for their teens through Family Pairing.

How to manage Restricted Mode

To turn Restricted Mode on or off:
1. In the TikTok app, tap Profile at the bottom.
2. Tap the Menu button at the top.
3. Tap Settings and privacy.
4. Tap Content preferences, then tap Restricted Mode.
5. Follow the steps in the app to set or enter a passcode to turn Restricted Mode on or off.

•  This feature is only available on the TikTok app. When browsing on the web or mobile, Restricted Mode is on by default.
•  If you have multiple accounts, you must turn on Restricted Mode on each account separately.
•  If you're a parent or guardian, you may also turn on Restricted Mode for your teen's account through Family Pairing.

How does Restricted Mode work?

We use automated systems and human moderation to decide which content is suitable for Restricted Mode:
•  Our automated systems identify suitable content using a variety of factors, including whether an account has recently violated our Community Guidelines.
•  Content won't be available in Restricted Mode if human moderators decide that it's not suitable for all audiences.

What types of content aren't available under Restricted Mode?

We aim to only show content suitable for all audiences in Restricted Mode. You shouldn't see mature or complex themes, such as:
•  Profanity
•  Sexually suggestive content
•  Realistic violence or threatening imagery
•  Firearms or weapons in an environment that isn't appropriate
•  Illegal or controlled substances/drugs
•  Explicit references to mature or complex themes that may reflect personal experiences or real-world events that are intended for older audiences

We’re always working on improving this feature. If you think a video is unsuitable for Restricted Mode, please report it. We’ll consider whether or not the video should be removed if it violates our Community Guidelines. If we don't remove the video, we may still disallow it in Restricted Mode, for example, if it contains mature or complex themes.

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