TikTok Research API

Our Research API allows non-profit academic researchers to apply for access to certain data on TikTok, including the following information about public account owners who are aged 18 and over:
•  Videos: On videos that can be viewed by Everyone—the total number of likes, comments, voice-to-text, subtitles, the time of creation, and video length.
•  Comments: Comment text, the total number of likes, replies, and the time the comment was posted.
•  Accounts: Bios, profile pictures, the total number of followers, and the number of people who are followed by the account.

This Research API supports research in areas such as misinformation, disinformation, violent extremism, social trends, and community building. To obtain access to our Research API, researchers must submit an application, be approved, and adhere to our Community Guidelines, TikTok Research API Terms of Service, as well as be approved by their research institution's ethics committee.

To learn more about our Research API, visit TikTok for Developers.

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