TikTok Research API

As part of our commitment to transparency and accountability, we provide a platform research API where eligible researchers can apply for access to public data on TikTok. This API supports research areas such as misinformation, disinformation, violent extremism, social trends, community building, and more. Researchers must adhere to our Community Guidelines, TikTok Research API Services Terms of Service, as well as research ethics.

To be eligible for access to the TikTok Research API, you can apply if you meet the following requirements:
•  Have demonstrable academic experience and expertise in the research area specified in the application.
•  Have no conflicts of interest with respect to using the Services.
•  Be employed by a U.S. non-profit academic institution.
•  Be able to provide a clearly defined research proposal.
•  Be committed to only using data for non-commercial purposes.

You can find out more about our platform research API and how to apply on TikTok for Developers.

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