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Can you see if someone is active on TikTok?  •  How to see someone's activity status on TikTok  •  How to turn your Activity Status on or off on TikTok

Can you see if someone is active on TikTok?

You can see when your mutual followers—users you follow that follow you back—are active or were last active on TikTok if both of you have turned on Activity Status. This also means that your mutual followers will be able to see when you are active or were last active on TikTok. If only one of you has turned this setting on, neither of you will see the other person's activity status.

Note: You must be 18 years of age or older to have access to this feature.

How to see someone's Activity Status on TikTok

You can see when a mutual follower is active or was last active in several areas on TikTok:

Active status
•  When someone is online on TikTok, then a green dot appears on their profile picture.
•  Keep in mind, the green dot may still be visible for some time after someone becomes inactive on TikTok.
•  You'll see this active status in your Inbox, message threads, the Profile of a mutual follower, and the users list when you select someone to tag in a comment or share a TikTok video.

Last active status
•  When someone is not currently active on TikTok, a relative timestamp of when they were last active is displayed.
•  You'll see this last active status in your Inbox and message threads.

Note: TikTok displays activity status for up to 2 days. If someone was last active more than 2 days ago, then no status is displayed.

How to turn your Activity Status on or off

You can turn your activity status on or off in your privacy settings at any time. Keep in mind that when you turn off Activity Status, you and your mutual followers won't see each other's activity status, even if they have it turned on.

To turn your Activity Status on or off:
1. In the TikTok app, tap Profile at the bottom.
2. Tap the Menu button at the top.
3. Tap Settings and privacy, then tap Privacy.
4. Turn the Activity Status setting turn on or off. The setting is turned off by default.

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