Video Privacy

On TikTok, you can apply different privacy settings to each video you share, even if you have your account set to public. You can choose to make your TikTok video available to everyone, restrict it to friends or followers, or make it private so that only you can view it. You can also adjust your settings later if you have changed your mind.

Note: All videos are required to follow Community Guidelines. When we identify content that violates these policies, we remove it from our platform.

Choose who can view your videos

To change the privacy setting on a new post:
1. Create your video.
2. On the Post screen, tap Who can watch this video.
3. Choose a privacy setting.

To change the privacy setting on a video you already posted:
1. Go to the video you'd like to update. You can find your videos on your Profile.
2. Tap the 3-dot icon on the side.
3. Tap Privacy settings at the bottom.
4. Tap Who can watch this video.
5. Choose a privacy setting.
Note: The view count on your videos reflects all views to date, it does not reset after you update the privacy settings.

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