How we process face and voice information

If you choose to use face and voice related effects and filters, we collect and analyze face and voice information in TikTok videos, photos, and LIVE videos. For example, an effect that adds sunglasses to your face may need to know where your eyes are on the screen in order to correctly position the sunglasses on your face. Similarly, a voice filter may need to identify your pitch to make you sound more like a robot.

We also collect and analyze face and voice information in videos, photos, and LIVE videos to improve safety and user experience, to recommend and moderate content, and for analytics and demographic classification, such as inferred age range.

By uploading videos or photos, using filters and effects, or going LIVE on TikTok, you agree to your face and voice information being used for these purposes. If you don’t agree to your face or voice information being used for these purposes:
•  Don't upload videos or photos, use filters and effects, or go LIVE on TikTok; and
•  Delete any videos or photos you uploaded to TikTok.

If you delete your TikTok account, any face or voice related information associated with your account will also be deleted.

Important things to know about when you create or post on the app:
•  If other people appear in your videos, photos, or LIVE videos, you're responsible for making sure TikTok has consent to collect and analyze their face and voice information.
•  We don't use any face or voice information to identify you or other people in your videos, photos, or LIVE videos, and we don't share such information with third parties.
•  Once a filter or effect that uses face or voice information has been added to your content, that information is deleted.
•  Once your video, photo, or LIVE has been analyzed for any other purpose described above, the face and voice-related information collected is deleted.

Learn more about the information we collect and why we collect it in our Privacy Policy.

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