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About Government, Politician, and Political Party Accounts  •  Who is considered to be a Government, Politician, and Political Party Account (GPPPA)?  •  What restrictions apply to a GPPPA?  •  How to get a verification badge on your account  •  How to get support for your account  

About Government, Politician, and Political Party Accounts

TikTok is an entertainment platform where millions of people come every day to watch, share, and create entertaining, joyful content. Some of this content includes current events in elections and political issues. Our priority in this space is to make sure we keep harmful misinformation off the platform and ensure our community has a positive and welcoming experience. That's why we classify relevant political TikTok accounts as a Government, Politician, and Political Party Account (GPPPA) and apply a number of policies that help prevent misuse of certain features.

Who is considered to be a Government, Politician, and Political Party Account (GPPPA)?

1.  National/Federal Government-run entities such as agencies/ministries/offices
2.  State/Provincial and Local Government entities
3.  Candidates and Elected Officials at the Federal/National Level
4.  Government Officials at the Federal/National Level, such as Cabinet Ministers and Ambassadors
5.  Official Spokesperson or member of senior staff for a National/State level candidate or elected/appointed official. Examples may include Chief of Staff, Campaign Director, or Digital Director
6.  Official Spokesperson, member of senior staff, or executive leaders for a political party. Examples may include Party Chairman or Finance Director.
7.  Political Parties
8.  Royal Family members with official government capacities
9.  Political Youth Associations (for main political parties at the discretion of regional public policy)
10.  Former Heads of State / Heads of Government
11.  Political Action Committees (PACs) or any country-specific equivalents
12.  Candidates and Elected Officials at the State/Provincial and Local Levels as determined by regional public policy based on market factors
13.  Government Officials at the State/Provincial and Local Levels as determined by regional public policy based on market factors

What restrictions apply to a GPPPA?

If your account is designated as a GPPPA, the following features won't be available to you:

Incentive programs and creator monetization features
GPPPAs are ineligible for taking part in any incentive program or using any TikTok creator monetization features on the platform. This includes, but is not limited to, tipping, e-commerce, Creator Marketplace, and TikTok Creator Fund. In practice, this means that GPPPAs will largely not be able to give or receive any money through TikTok's monetization features.

TikTok has long prohibited political advertising, including both paid ads and creators being paid to make branded political content. This also includes the use of promotional tools available on the platform, like Promote or TikTok Shop. In addition to our political advertising content policy, we also impose prohibitions at the account level. This means that accounts we identify as belonging to politicians and political parties have their access to advertising features turned off.

We recognize that there will be occasions when official government organizations may have reason to advertise on TikTok, for example, to promote public health initiatives like COVID-19 booster programs. We will continue to allow government organizations to advertise in limited circumstances, and they are required to work with a TikTok representative.

Campaign (Election) Fundraising
Just as political advertising doesn't fit with our goal of making TikTok a place that brings people together, neither does campaign fundraising. Solicitations for campaign fundraising by GPPPAs are not permitted on the platform. That includes content like a video from a politician asking for donations, or a political party directing people to a donation page on their website.

GPPPAs are restricted to the use of the Commercial Music Library (CML). The CML is a globally available pool of over 160,000 pre-cleared, royalty-free tracks sourced from emerging artists and top-tier music houses, with tracks both with and without lyrics in every genre from rock to folk music. This helps prevent issues that could arise from the use of copyrighted material for promotional purposes.

The majority of tracks in the Commercial Music Library are licensed for worldwide, unlimited use within TikTok’s ecosystem, as well as sharing by TikTok users. That means GPPPAs are not allowed to use the track to create content for other platforms, and are not allowed to remix or modify the track in any way. However, TikTok content may be reposted on other platforms, and TikTok users are free to repost and share GPPPA content wherever they like.

Account restrictions

We use the same content moderation practices on GPPPAs as we do for other TikTok accounts. This means we'll remove any violative content and permanently remove the account for any single severe content violation, such as showing real-world violence or torture. However, because of the role these public interest accounts play in civic processes and civil society, we enforce different account restrictions in keeping with our commitment to human rights and free expression.

Learn more about how we enforce restrictions on public interest accounts.

How to get a verification badge on your account

TikTok provides verified badges on some accounts, which means we've confirmed the account belongs to the user it presents.

Verified badges help users make informed choices about the accounts they choose to follow. It's also an easy way for notable figures to let users know they’re seeing authentic content, and it helps to build trust among high-profile accounts and their followers. For individuals, nonprofits, institutions, businesses, or official brand pages, this badge builds an important layer of clarity with the TikTok community.

If you'd like to get your GPPPA verified, keep in mind:
•  A verified badge does not imply an endorsement by TikTok.
•  A verified badge does not indicate your account is a GPPPA.
•  Your GPPPA is still restricted from the features listed above if you're granted a verification badge.
•  We consider a number of factors before granting a verified badge, such as whether the notable account is authentic, unique, and active. Learn more about verified badges on TikTok.

While it is currently optional in most markets, we strongly recommend getting your GPPPA verified. Keep in mind, we are trialing mandatory verification for accounts belonging to governments, politicians, and political parties in the U.S. through the midterm elections.

TikTok does not charge to get verified. Any entity claiming to sell TikTok verifications is unaffiliated with the company.

How to get support for your account

If you need help troubleshooting your account or you wish to appeal a GPPPA classification on your account, you can contact us in-app or on mobile web or desktop browsers.

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