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What is Promote

Promote is an advertising tool you can use in your TikTok app to help you get more people to discover your videos, guide more people to your website, and improve your chances to gain followers. This means that your video will be displayed as an ad for the time that you Promote your video. Promote is available for all TikTok accounts.

Promote lets you track basic information on your video as a result of your Promote campaign, such as:
•  The number of your video views.
•  The number of likes, comments, and shares for your video.
•  How many people visited your website link.
•  The age and gender of the people interacting with your video.

If you'd like to use Promote, keep in mind that:
•  Promote is only available for public videos.
•  You can only promote videos that use original sound or sounds that can be used for commercial purposes. Promote isn't available for videos that have copyrighted sound.
   ༚  Commercial Sounds is our library of more than 100,000 free songs that can be used for your Promote video.
•  You'll see the cost to use Promote when you're setting it up. The cost will show in local currency (Android) or rechargeable coins (iPhone).
•  Promote is only a tool to help make your video more visible. To learn how to create videos that help you connect with your audience and grow as a content creator on TikTok, visit our Creator Portal.

To use Promote, you must:
•  Be 18 years of age or older.
•  Agree to our Promote Terms of Service, Promote Payment Terms, Promote Privacy Policy, and the TikTok Advertising Policies.

Learn more about other content strategies for creators in our Creator Portal.

Get to your Promote page

1. In your TikTok app, tap Me in the bottom right to go to your profile.
2. Tap the 3-line icon in the top right to go to your settings.
3. Tap Creator tools, then tap Promote.

You can also get to the Promote page from the TikTok video you want to promote.
1. When viewing the video you want to promote, tap ... on the right.
2. Tap Promote.

Set up a Promote video

After selecting Promote in your settings, you can now set up your Promote video.
1. On your Promotions page, tap the video you'd like to promote.
   ༚  Note: you can only promote public videos.
2. Choose a goal for promoting your video, then tap Next at the bottom. You can choose from:
   ༚  More video views. This helps get more people to watch your video.
   ༚  More website visits. This guides more people to your website.
   ༚  More followers. This helps you gain more followers.
3. If you choose More website visits, you'll enter your website URL and choose an action button for your website (example: Learn More, Shop Now, or Sign Up). Then tap Save.
4. Tap the circle next to the audience you'd like to reach, then tap Next. You can choose from:
   ༚  Automatic. This means TikTok will choose the audience for you.
   ༚  Custom. You can choose the genders, age ranges, and interests you'd like to reach.
5. Set your budget and duration, then tap Next.
6. Add your payment information (Android) or recharge your coins (iPhone).
7. Tap Start promotion.

View information about your video

Once you set up a Promote video, you can use your Promotion details page to see how your video is doing. You'll have access to the information on your video while your Promote video is running and after it's ended.

Your Promotion details page
Your Promotion details page shows you information on your video, including:
•  The status of your video (pending review, active, paused or rejected).
•  The amount you've spent and how long the promotion has lasted.
•  The number of video views.
•  The number of link clicks (if you chose to promote your website).
•  The number of likes, comments and shares.
•  Age range and gender percentages.

To get to your Promotion details page:
1. In your TikTok app, tap Me in the bottom right to go to your profile.
2. Tap the 3-line icon in the top right to go to your settings.
3. Tap Creator tools, then tap Promote.
4. On your Promotions page, tap See details.

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