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Using book links on TikTok  •  How to add a book to your TikTok video

Using book links on TikTok

As a creator, you can add links to books on your TikTok videos. Viewers can use these links to find out more about the book, get recommendations for similar books, submit a rating, and save the book to their Favorites

Note: You must be aged 18 years or older to have access to this feature.

How to add a book to your TikTok video

To link a book to your TikTok video:
1. On the Post screen, tap Add link.
2. Tap Books and search for a book or select a title from the Trending list on the search screen. Depending on your location, some books may not be available to you.
3. Tap Add to continue. You can add up to 5 books.
4. Make any additional changes on the Post screen and tap Post to complete. The selected title(s) will be displayed above your video description.

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