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About TikTok's creator tools

Creator tools are advanced features that help you do things like learn more about how your content is connecting with others on TikTok, develop a strategy for your content, and engage more with the people watching your videos. Personal and Business Accounts can view our creator tools.

Get to your creator tools

1. Tap Profile in the bottom right.
2. Tap the 3-line icon in the top right to go to your settings.
3. Tap Creator tools.
4. Tap the tool you'd like to review.

Features in creator tools

You can access these features in your creator tools. Keep in mind, some of these features may not be available to everyone yet, and some features have eligibility requirements you have to meet to access the tools.

General tools

• Analytics. Use analytics for insights into how your videos are performing. You can choose to see an overview of your videos (like video views, profile views, and follower counts), how your individual videos are performing, and learn more about your account and the community you're building (like your follower count over time and total likes, comments, and shares). Learn more about your analytics on our Creator Portal or on our TikTok Tutorial Series.
• Creator Portal. Creator Portal is a place for creators to go for to learn more about things like the basics of getting started on TikTok, connecting with your audience, how to grow as a creator and expand your reach, and best practices for your videos.
• Promote. Promote is an advertising tool you can use in your TikTok app that can help you do things like get more people to discover your videos, guide more people to your website, and improve your chances to gain followers. Learn more about how to use Promote.
• Q&A. Q&A allows your viewers to ask questions directly through your Profile page or in the comments section of your video. Learn more about how Q&A can help engage your video's viewers in our Creator Portal and on our blog.

Monetization tools

• TikTok Creator Next
   ༚  Creator Next is a program designed to help TikTok creators monetize as they grow their communities. If you qualify and join Creator Next, you'll get access to features and tools to help you grow on TikTok. Learn more about Creator Next on our Creator Portal and Help Center. Note: Creator Next is only available to Personal Accounts.

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