Finding friends from your contacts

To help you find and follow people you might know on TikTok, you can choose to sync your phone contacts to your TikTok account.

To find friends from your contacts:
1. In the TikTok app, tap Profile at the bottom.
2. Tap Add friends.
3. Next to Contacts, tap Find.
4. Allow TikTok to access your contacts. You'll be directed to your device settings.
5. Find friends and follow them.

To turn off contact sync:
1. In the TikTok app, tap Profile at the bottom.
2. Tap the Menu button at the top.
3. Tap Settings and privacy.
4. Tap Privacy, then tap Sync contacts and Facebook friends.
5. Turn the Sync contacts setting off.

Keep in mind, if you remove TikTok's access to your phone contacts in your device settings, we'll no longer sync contacts, though we'll continue to suggest accounts to you from your previously synced contacts. If you wish to remove all your phone contacts that were synced to TikTok and stop syncing contacts on all devices, you can Remove previously synced contacts from the Sync contacts and Facebook friends setting.

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