How to grow your audience

To grow your audience:

1. Get to know your audience
• Analytics is a great resource to get insight on your top trending videos and audience engagement
• View your follower list, likes and video comments
• Engage with your audience by reading, reacting, and replying to comments

2. Collaborate with other creators
TikTok is a creator community. Collaborating with other creators helps your content reach wider audiences. Reach out to other interesting creators!

Some factors to consider when looking for collaborators:
• Similar content categories and genres
• Similar video format
• Similar audience size

Reach out to other creators in the community:
• Make sure you're following each other
• Comment and engage with their content
• Chat or meet on TikTok or at creator events

Brainstorm ways to collaborate:
• Appear or make a cameo is each other's videos
• Tag each other in captions or challenges

3. Participate in trending hashtag challenges:
Trending hashtags are a creative way to find new topics that will get your content exposed to more viewers. Participating in challenges also helps you engage with the community.

4. Post videos regularly:
Being active on the platform gives your audience something to tune in and look forward to. Posting 3-5 videos per week has proven to be successful for steady growth.

5. Connect with your community outside of TikTok:
• Post your TikTok videos on other social media accounts
• Share a link of your TikTok video to friends and viewers outside of TikTok

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