Camera tools

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Flip  •  Speed  •  Video length  •  Timer  •  Flash  •  Zoom


To change camera direction while recording:

1. Tap
Flip on top right corner of the camera screen.
2. The camera will change to the front or back camera.



To set or adjust the speed while recording:

1. Tap
Speed on top right corner of the camera screen.
2. Locate the speed options above the red recording button.
3. Set your desired speed.

Note: Speeds 0.3x and 0.5x will slow the video, 1x is the standard shooting speed, and 2x and 3x will speed up the video.


Video length

To change the recording time:

1. Locate the two recording time options,
15s and 60s below the red recording button.
2. Slide the dial left or right and set the length of time needed for your video.

Note: If you've selected a sound, the video length will be determined by the sound length.



Use the timer to record videos without holding down the record button.

To record using the timer:

1. Tap
Timer, located on the right side panel.
2. Choose your preferred video duration by marking the stop point.
3. Tap
Start countdown. The app will count down and then start recording. Stop recording at anytime by tapping the record button.


To turn on flash while recording:

1. Tap
+, on the bottom of the screen, to create a video.
2. Tap
Flash to turn on the light and tap again to turn off the light.

Note: This feature is only available when you are using your back camera (not in selfie mode).



To zoom in or out while recording:

1. Long press on the camera screen.
2. Hold and move in one direction to zoom out.
3. Hold and return to the original position to zoom in.

Another way to zoom:

1. Open the camera screen by tapping
2. Pinch your fingers together or apart to zoom in or out.