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What is For You on TikTok?  •  Why a video is recommended on your For You feed  •  How to manage your For You feed

What is For You on TikTok?

For You is a personalized feed of videos based on your interests and engagement. The For You feed is the first feed you'll see when you open TikTok. We have a wide variety of content and we want to show the most interesting and relevant videos to everyone. The more you use TikTok, the better the For You feed becomes at recommending videos and finding creators that you love.

Why a video is recommended on your For You feed

At TikTok, we want to help you understand why certain videos appear on your For You feed. That's why we share this information on each video in the feed.

To learn why a video is recommended to you:
1. In the TikTok app, tap the Share button on the side of a video in the For You feed.
2. Tap Why this video. We'll list some reasons why a video shows up on your feed, such as:
  ༚  You commented on, liked, shared, or watched similar videos
  ༚  This video is popular in your country
  ༚  This video was posted recently
  ༚  This video is longer, and you seem to like longer videos
  ༚  You're following this creator

Keep in mind, if you've recently refreshed your For You feed, you'll see a variety of videos while we learn your preferences to launch your new personalized feed.

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How to manage your For You feed

You can use the following features to help influence the content you see on your For You feed or have a new set of videos recommended to you:
•  Not interested: If you don't care for a specific video, you can let us know by sharing feedback you're not interested and we'll show you fewer videos like it.
•  Refresh your feed: You can refresh your For You feed to view a new set of popular videos, as if you've just signed up for TikTok.
•  Filter video keywords: Filter out specific words or hashtags on TikTok to remove videos that contain those keywords from your For You and Following feeds.

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