Duet, Stitch, and other creation features

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Creating a Duet  •  Duet settings  •  Using a photo template    

Creating a Duet

Create TikTok videos with friends using the Duet feature.

To make a Duet video:

1. Tap
Share, located at the bottom of the right side panel.
2. Tap
3. Begin recording alongside the selected video!

Note: Not all videos have duet enabled. Please be aware that if a user has enabled duets but later asks for a duet using their video to be removed, your duet may be taken down. You can save copies of your own content in advance. 

Duet settings

To change your default Duet settings:

1. Go to
2. Tap
... .
3. Go to
4. Tap
Who can Duet with your videos.
5. Chose a setting.

To change Duet settings for a single video:

1. Go to the video.
2. Tap the
... .
3. Go to
Privacy settings.
4. Turn
Allow Duet on or off.

Note: If you initially allowed duets on a video you posted but subsequently turned this feature off, any duets made whilst your settings allowed duets will remain on TikTok.

To make a privacy report or request,
please visit.

Using a photo template

To make a photo template:

1. Tap +, on the bottom of the screen, to create a video.
2. Select Templates from the bottom options.
3. Pick a photo template.
4. Tap Select photos.

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